Drugs through Skin to Lung Treating Tuberculosis by Target Treatment Injection of Micro-Injury (TTIM)

This paper mainly introduces a newly invented therapy which is called Target Treatment Injection of Micro-injury (TTIM) treating tuberculosis of the lung. Target treatment injection of micro-injury is to use the compound anti-TB medicine injecting into the TB focus through skin to the lung according to Computerized Tomography (CT) dimensionally, then aide with nutrition, movement, body and mental treatment at the same time to cure the disease once a time.

This is the best way to cure TB because it costs little, not much relapse and can cure all kinds of tuberculosis, take pleuritis and pulmonary tuberculous cavity for example, it is just easy as to treat general diseases for this special target treatment injection of micro-injury. It is just simple operation and easy to study and control the skill.

Target treatment injection of micro-injury interventional therapy introduction: Tools-CT photo of patients’ chest, ruler, caliper, syringe needle with many pinholes, 5 ml and 20 ml syringe, deep venipuncture disinfection package for tube placing patients.

To calculate the distances between the focus to the presternal notch and to crest then find the nearest and safe place to inject anti-TB drugs into the lung focus by local anesthesia with potentiated anesthesia or medication by placing tube.


Cheng G, Yang Y, Liu Z, Li C, Cao F and Xu G

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